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The clouds seem close but are very far.  They keep on forming and changing all the time.  Clouds contain water which is heavier than air by almost 800 times.  Million of tons.  Great energy is in each cloud.  Gradually, they become rain falling onto the ground.  We are always under the sky.  In my childhood I wondered why the clouds moved.  Sometimes they would make me wish something and think of someone, sometimes I would predict the weather with them.  There are cloudy days.  Sometimes I forget to look at the sky because I am too busy.  So there are clouds inside the book.  As we turn the pages, memories come back with the view of clouds that we have seen before.
A Cloud - Katsumi Komagata.

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Ale urocze.

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A Cloud
One Stroke 2009
Printed in Japan
format 31 x 25 cm
oprawa twarda

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